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lessons that I learnt

Now here are my lessons. this may change or may not be the same for everyone.
1. get a V check(QLD) before buying, ie check both the REVS and WOVR.

2. if you have a Written off vehicle, and it is a repairable write off things are going to happen slowly.

3. a written off vehicle I would avoid in future, but in saying that I have heard a story about a top of the line car that was broken into, all the screens and entertainment system taken out, and all the leather slashed. the car was deemed uneconomic to repair and written off. but there was nothing mechnicial wrong, so it would have been a great car.

4. A repairable write off must undergo a Written Off Vehicle inspection in order to be registered in most states, QLD NSW, Vic and SA (I think).

5. you will find moving a WOV from one state to another will be a painfull experience.

6. if a vehicle has undergone an inspection in one state it will most likely NOT have to undergo an inspection in another state (eg, inspection in NSW for a WOV is OK for Qld). But no one will tell you this (they prob don;t know,) you will most likely be told it requires an inspection, but the inspection people will eventually inform you that it does not need an inspection.

7. if the inspection has been done in one state and you move the vehicle, it will take some time for the state you arrive in to get the information and update their system. 2 weeks was my experience.

8. all the information about the damage is in NEVDIS but that is not available to the general public.

9. the cost in Qld at the time of writting for a WOVI inspection (written off vehicle Inspection) was $600 or there abouts.

10. I have no idea of the legal requirements for private buyers and sellers re the history of the car. but I believe that auction houses and car yards are susposed to inform you about such matters.

So that's it. if a car is on the WOVR you can find out. you can also still get it registered. It will take along timer and a lot of people you talk to do not know anything about it. And moving intoerstate you will undergo the same pain.

I hope you found this usfeull. ask me a question if you want, I can only comment from my experiences.


the final outcome

What happened.

Well, on the 2 week anaversary of my first contact with QIS, I finally got a call back from them.
Stating that no inspection was required on my vehicle.

i really didn;t know what to say, after two weeks of frustration and not hearing anything, being told conflicting reports etc I was fianlly able to register the car.

So I immediatly went to Queensland transport to register teh vehicle.

their system had changed it now stated this car was allowed to be registered in qld.
also there was a small issue in that because the stat of the car had changed that day the finalisation of the registration could not be done that day. Something to do with the system. So if it happens to you leave it a day. However QT were able to work around that for me.

I must say I did speak to some very helpfull people.
Sharon in Queensland Transport, she was understanding and helpful.
James in RTA, who help explain how the RTA worked.
But no one in QIS were very helpfull at all.

so next the lessons I learnt


so what happened

Well I had now been waiting for over a week to get the car booked in for an inspection.

So I made some calls.

For the car to be registered in NSW it MUST have undergone a written off vehicle inspection.
So I approached QT and asked why could the car not simply be registered in Qld as it had undergone an inspection in NSW the was basically the same.

NO sir you need to have the Qld inspection done I was told.

So back to Queensland Inspection Services, what is happening with this inspection I asked. Nothign sir (BTW I repeatedly got the answering machine and had to leave a message, which I think I was only ever called back once.)

I asked QIS what information were they waiting for?? (AS I now knew that the damaged points on the car were all listed in NEVDIS and QT had quick access to that.)

I was told they were waiting on QT to issue a request for an Inspection.

ARRRGHHHHHHHH. none of this made any sense!!!!!!! no one really seemed to know what was going on.

QT were claiming that it was up to Queensland Inspection Services, and QIS were claiming that QT was holding things up. When all the information about the damage to the car was on NEVDIS, and that was downloadable in seconds.

So if QIS needed to know what was damaged so they could check the repairs meet their standards, that information was easily available via NEVDIS.

I had no idea why it was taking so long just to book in for an inspection. and no one could tell my why either. I also seems that no one was willing to phone the dept inside QT that deals with this and ask what the hold up was.


What they were looking for.

So here is what tey were looking for.
Queensland Inspection Services were waiting for the report about what exactly on the car was damaged and what repairs had taken place to make the car road worthy again.

Now I did some digging myself. rana Vcheck (which I now knew about) turns out the car was damaged in SA in 2004 over 18 months ago. Was reregistered in NSW after the repairs were done.

Now NSW have system that is close to Qld. You need to get the car inspected by Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS)

and once it is past this you need the normal pinkslip inspection.
To pass that inspection you need to produce documentation that the car has under gone repairs that meet the transport depts requirements so it is safe to drive on the roads again.

The Damage to the vehicle can be obtained from the from NEVDIS. NEVDIS is a database for all these sorts of things, it is australia wide and is only accessed by gov depts, insurance agencies and the like. I found out after much digging that all the damage that was done to my car was on NEVDIS, and anyone with authority could have access to it in seconds.

So my problem was now, why had it taken nearly a week for Queensland Inspection Services to give me an inspection date (they hadn't even booked the car in at this stage) when this information was easily and readily available.

turns out that QIS didn't have access and they had to wait for Queensland Transport to get the damaged vehicle report and send to them. This in itself should have only taken 10 mins or so as all the damage to the car was in NEVDIS.


QIS- the saga continues

Well I called Queensland Inspection Services to book in for an inspection.

To be honest they were not very easy to deal with at all. I found them slow unresponsive and the information I was told was not complete. But this is what happened.

I was told not a problem sir, please give me your VIN.
So I gave them the VIN, but the car was not on their computer.
They had to query it with Qld transport. 24-48 hours I was told befor we would know.

so I waited 3 days to give them a little extra time. nothing.
So I called, sorry might be a little slow because we are busy, leave ti another 24hours.
so I did.
but because that day was very busy for me I did not get a chance to call them back. So I waited nother day and called. No response sir, we can re request the information again.

Now by this stage I'm getting a little nervous, surly since this car was already registered this should be a mere formality???

I called the next day to find out the result of the new query. Nothing...
So I started quizing them to find out what it was they needed to know and what it was they were waiting for.


my story

here is what ahppend to me.
I purchased a car in NSW, it was NSW registered at the time of purchase.
I did a REVS check to make sure there was no money owing on the car.

everything look cool. I was unaware at that time of WOVR or echecks. So in a way it was my own fault.

However I went ot NSW picked up the car drove it back to QLD.

Got a Qld roadworthy done, no probs, it passed everything.

Went to Qld transport to get it registered and that is where I found the problems.

There was a note on the Qld transport system that said this car cannot be registered in Qld, it is on the WOVR. It requires a Machinery inspection to be done.

Now the only place in qld you can get a macherinary inspection done is Queensland Inspection Services.


car dealers

now if you buy from a dealer or a auction house, I think they are susposed to notify you if the car is on the WOVR register. so they should tell you.


How to avoid

If you want to avoid purchasing a car that is listed on the WOVR you can do a few things.
1. in Qld get a Vcheck.

this will give you the complete history of the car, at least in qld.

2. in NSW the RTA allows you to ask a "yes" "no" question on their call center if the vehicle is on the WOVR register.

Also you should do a REVS check to check for claims of over the car.
this will show if a company has it financed (therefor prior claim, ie if the loan is not paid in full they can reposess it from the new purchaser). it will also show a water immersion test. ie if the car has been in an accident where it was immersed in water.


First things first

What is the WOVR
the WOVR = Written off Vehicles Register.
It is a list of the vehicles in Australia (or most of australia) that have been in a accident of some kind and suffered some serious damage.

there are two type of written off vehicle.
1. Statutary write off, it is dead, cannot be repaired
2. Repairable write off, ie can be fixed.

Warning, if it is a repairable write off the entry into the WOVR register will ALWAYS remain even after it has been fixed and re registered. (at least as far as I can tell)


First things first

What is the WOVR
the WOVR = Written off Vehicles Register.
It is a list of the vehicles in Australia (or most of australia) that have been in a accident of some kind and suffered some serious damage.

there are two type of written off vehicle.
1. Statutary write off, it is dead, cannot be repaired
2. Repairable write off, ie can be fixed.

Warning, if it is a repairable write off the entry into the WOVR register will ALWAYS remain even after it has been fixed and re registered. (at least as far as I can tell)


The begining WOVR

Well, this little blog is to help all those people out there that have just found out about Written Off Vehicles, and the WOVR Register.

I purchased a car recently that unknown to me at the time was listed on the WOVR.

I had never heard of the WOVR register until recently.

So to help explain everything that I found out I have decided to write a short blog on it.

Hope it helps you if you have come across the WOVR register.

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